Ragdolls and rabbits

In case you weren't aware, I have a four-year-old ragdoll cat called Chewie.

He is ADORABLE if I do say so myself. Much like any other cat, he is a bundle of curiosity with a quizzical expression. Icy blue eyes and snow white fur gives him the appearance of a wild snow tiger, rather than a moggy about-the-house. And, such is his striking appearance, drawing him felt rather intimidating.

I have a good understanding of colour so I wasn't afriad to pick up a set of watercolour pencils and get to it.

It was rather the texture and movement of fur that was a new challenge. In days of yore (whenever the hell that was), artistic folks capturing the likeness of horses, dogs, sheep and farm animals, commissioned other painters with a fur specialism to finish off and finesse their work.


As you can probably tell, I didn't ask my mate to do the fur for me, but I think these are rather sweet all the same.